Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin

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Product Code Softening Point by ball and ring in °C Acid Value Max Viscosity at 30°C (Ford cup No. B4) Solvent Tolerance Colour Suggested Uses
5002 140-150 25 Max. 35-50 (50% in TOLUENE) 1:5 Min (In MTO) Pale Yellow For excellent drying, weather resistance, good hardness in photo-graver inks, letter press and offset printing inks.
5005 150-165 25 Max. 45-65 (50% in TOLUENE) 1:15 Min (In MTO) Pale Yellow Quick set, gloss offset inks, web offset heat set inks.
5007 150-165 25 Max. 35-55 (40% Solution in TOLUENE) 1:15 Min (In MTO) Pale Yellow High quality, quick set inks, sharp dot print with Excellent press stability for heat set inks.